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Come One, Come All

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and ghouls, treat yourself to a night of spooks and fun, treats and revelry! Welcome to the greatest show unearthed!


All your favorites! Strong Man Hammer! Zombie Pop! Devil Duck Pond! Milk Bottle Knock Down! Lollipop Pull!


Butte Magic's Xenobiological Tent of the Odd! Noose Von Link's Theater of the Bizarre! Mistress Morgana's Serpentarium! Close-up magic with Lord Alden and Madame Azira!

The Shadow Carnival

Find the hidden locations throughout the Uptown to compete for the Grand Prizes!


Sweet Petites! Sugar Fairies Cotton Candy! Martin's Masks Facepaint! Bozeman Paranormal! And More! 


DJ Kate sets the atmosphere and rules the dance floor!