Walpurgisnacht Ghost Story Contest

Free to listen, free to win!

Call it Walpurgisnacht, May Eve, Walpurgis Night, Lemuria, Lemuralia, Beltane... every culture has it. There are two times when Summer and Winter meet, when the air is full of paradox and turmoil, and when the seen and the unseen meet. The veil is at it's thinest, and the spirit world is palpably close. One happens in October on the 31st, the other happens in April on the 30th.

It's halfway to Halloween, and time once again to meet with good friends, bring something to throw on the grill, sit down by the hot fire with a cold drink, and listen to warm friends tell tales to chill your blood.

Bring your spookiest stories. Listen to the tales of your fellow storytellers, and vote on your favorites. The best stories get prizes, for free. It's on us.

It's been a long winter. Come warm up by the fire with us. And tell us your tale.

We will be there from 5 o'clock until after midnight. Come early, or come late. Just come with either a dark tale or an open ear.